LSL Handbooks

This page describes known handbooks of traits written in the Larch Shared Language (LSL) .

The Handbook of Guttag and Horning

Guttag and Horning have written a Handbook of useful larch traits, which appears as appendix A of their book.

Hua Zhong's Z Traits

Hua Zhong has written a Z traits handbook; this handbook consists of traits that correspond to those in the Z mathematical toolkit. The traits are also available by anonymous ftp from in file ZTraits.tar.gz. Her master's project describes this handbook and how to translate Z specifications into Larch.

My Handbooks

I have written the following handbooks of traits.

Math Traits

The handbook of mathematical traits supplements Guttag and Horning's traits.

Calendar Traits

The handbook of calendar traits may be useful for specifying calendar date manipulation.

Larch/C++ Traits

The handbook of built-in traits for Larch/C++ is designed to be used with the specification language Larch/C++.

SPECS Traits

The handbook of SPECS traits constitutes a restricted vocabularly of types for use in specificaion. It is designed for Al Baker's family of specification languages SPECS, but is similar to the models used in VDM-SL.


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