Com S 362 -- Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
Certification of Individual Contribution and
Understanding Form

Project Name: Team Facilitator:
Homework Set: Date:

Directions: Enter each team member's name, and a "work rating" (1 - 5 with 5 as high and 1 as low score) that corresponds to the relative share of work done by the team member. Comments to explain work ratings other than 3 must also be provided. The total of the ratings must add up to 3 times the number of team members. Each team member must sign at the end of the form showing your agreement to your team member's contribution.

The work rating will have a direct and significant effect on each student's project and ultimately course grade. In fairness to all students, each team member must give this rating their attention.

Also, each team member should individually rate the percentage that they understand of the solution. (This does not affect the grade, but is used as a means of communication.)
Printed team member's name Work Rating (1-5) Comments/Explanations Understanding Self Rating (0 to 100%)

Note that you must make Total = 3 * (Number of team members)

I agree to the above ratings and understand our team's solution.
(Each team member should sign their name below.)