Team Projects

Derek J Light,Olatunde O Olatunji,Ramon A Hermon v ision for this project.
DeskTop Calender
Hogeum An, Emily Ericson, Wing-On Tsia, Man-Peng Wong project web site
The Idea Wormhole
Brian "B.J." Christianson, Adam Tomjack, James Zempel project web site.
Inventory Management System
Ched Cromer, Ju-Dee Lee, Joe Lahart, David Avila project web site.
Minimal Risk
Gaurav Dhiman, Matthew Oehlerking, Justin Rasmussen, Woon-Bin Yap project web site.
Adeel Aslam, Kung-En Lin, Shahzaib Younis project web site.
Ritesh Desai, David Gillingham, and Carl Kubalsky project web site.
The Monopoly Project
Jason Birkett, Kevin Gaul, Brian Thola project web site
OOVID - A high-level Java debugging tool
Aron Bierbaum, Ryan Hanks, Adam Sanford, Brian Allen project web site.
Keith Dahlby, Christopher Miller, Kevin Wendzel. project web site.

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The following are links to pages of student projects from previous semesters. Most of these links will be broken, most likely.

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