Project assignments

Name: Project type, topic
Kevin Kelly
Project: Steering behaviors I would like to do a project comparing the ways in which steering behaviors are combined. I will create a game of some sort (e.g. tag, zoo keeper, etc) that will test the ability of the agents to compete and navigate in a dynamic environment (static and moving obstacles, avoiding, chasing, etc). I will create agents with a couple of differnt arbitration methods (e.g. simple priority, pure combination, maybe a learned approach, etc) and compare their performance in this game
Malachi Lawson and Victor Mui
Project: Feed Fight Mate
Some more agents ...
Yi Luo
Project: Reverse potential fields
Based on the movement patterns of agents, reverse engineer the social potential field parameters.
free to take
Project: Reverse spring graphs
Based on the movement of agents moving in formation, reverse engineer parameters of the rigid graphs corresponding to these formation (read the last part of the social potential field paper). You might also want to check tensegrity structures for ideas.
free to take
Survey: The behavioral vs. physical symbol systems controversy
Write a survey on the history of the behavioral models vs. physical symbol systems controversy. Who triggered it, chronology, when it died out? List the people on both sides. Was anyone persuaded? Did anybody change sides? Did the affiliation of the people play a role in their opinions? What are these people doing now?
free to take
Survey: Decision theoretic models in stock market applications
free to take
Survey: Decision theoretic models in military and/or homeland security applications
free to take
Project: Cuban missile crisis
Gathering historical evidence, analyze the decisions during the Cuban Missile Crisis using both decision theoretic approaches and belief-desire-intention models.
Alex Turek, Victor Hung
Project: Poker or blackjack
Write a decision theoretic program for playing a card game (poker or blackjack). It should also contain features for reasoning about bluffing.
Lucas Schroeder
Survey: Cheating, bluffing and deception
Write a survey about cheating, bluffing and deception in interagent negotiation, as well as techniques to defend against it.
Adelein Rodriguez
Project: Genetic evolution of amorphous computing parameters
Benjamin Snively
Project: Agents in the Service Oriented Architecture
At my job, we develop and maintain enterprise systems that employ a Service Oriented Architecture. In such an environment - there are multiple instances of different services (w/ duplications of each for load balancing).
I would like to research and implement a basic agent that lives in this environment. What it does is monitors the activity of the services (the actual monitoring will be emulated/simulated since there is already a COTS vendor that does this named Amberpoint).
I will be concerned with - given those inputs at the sensors - how can we in real time update policies, routing, and other systems in order to maintain on optimal running distributed system.