Proposed presentation topics

Name: Proposed presentation topic
Cathy Yen The 3APL language for Belief Desire Intention agents
Adelein Rodriguez Karl Sim's paper, Evolving Virtual Creatures. Here is the link to the paper:
Kevin Kelly
Steering behaviors in Flocking
I would like to present on steering behaviors and described by Craig Reynolds. Most of the the information will come from the following site: and this paper:
Victor Hung
Presentation: Affective computing
-Agents with emotions. This presentation should deal with agents having or simulating emotions (not agents recognizing the emotions in humans)
David Mui
Presentation: Golog, logic programming language for agents
Lucas Schroeder
Presentation: Yoav Shoham - Agent Oriented Programming
link to the paper
Alex Turek
Presentation: Helbing et al - Simulating dynamical features of escape panic
link to the paper
Malachi Lawson
Presentation: Parsons et al - Agents that Reason and Negotiate by Arguing
link to the paper
Benjamin Snively
Presentation: Service Oriented Architectures
link to the paper