Feed-Flee-Mate game projects


This project requires you to develop an agent which survives and thrives in the environment of the Feed-Flee-Mate game, utilizing only a single agent paradigm. The game was designed such that it resembles real environments and previously used toy problems, without necessarily being identical to any of them. There are many ways to be successful in the game. An agent can thrive just by feeding on resources, without ever attacking another agent or mating. This multifaceted success model was allowed such that the different paradigms can show their strength. The goal is not necessarily to develop "the best" agent possible (for that, we may need to use more than one model), but to create the agent which is the most natural expression of the paradigm. You are expected that besides your chosen paradigm you will use only very simple heuristics. The best choice would be if you would clearly separate these two in your sourcecode. We will allow one project to be "naive programming", namely hand optimized Java code, not necessarily conforming to any paradigm.

Source code


Questions to address in your writeup

Choices of implementation paradigms