Potential field-based mobile node movement

A sensor network contains a set of mobile nodes. The idea is that the nodes are moving towards the areas where there is interesting phenomena (but, also, they are trying to load-balance themselves, that is, not gather all of them to the hottest part and ignore the rest). Design a mobility pattern based on an artificial potential fields. The assumption is to assume that there are some artificial forces acting in the field. Areas of interest are attracting the nodes, while the nodes are attracting each other from longer distance, but are having a repulsion on small distance to prevent them clustering together. Discussion Potential field-based approaches are quite popular in mobile robotics. One paper to read is JH Reif, H Wang "Social potential fields: A distributed behavioral control for autonomous robots" . But many other systems use similar approaches, although they might not call them social potential fields (for instance, many of the Robocup competitors). Here are some things you might want to try out: