EEL 4781 - Computer Communication Networks

Spring 2011

Catalog description: Computer Communication Networks: Network models. Media access protocols. Data link control. Routing and flow control. Internetworking. Current architectures and protocols: OSI, ethernet, token, ring, FDDI, HSLC, X.25, etc.
Instructor: Dr. Lotzi Bölöni
Office: HEC - 319
Phone: (407) 243-8256 (use only in last resort!)
E-mail: preferred communication method
Web Site:
The assignments and the other announcements will be posted on the course web site.
Exam and homework grades with be posted on MyUCF - Grades.
Classroom: HEC 104
Class Hours: Tuesday, Thursday 13:30 - 14:45
Office Hours: Tuesday 10:00 - 12:00, Thursday 10:00 - 12:00
Pre-requisites: EEL 4767C and STA 3032
Textbook: Andrew S. Tanembaum, Computer Networks, 4th ed, Prentice Hall.
Grading: Homework: 45%
Two midterm exams: 15% each
Final: 25%
Standard 90/80/70/60 scale will be used for final grades (curved if necessary)


Lecture Notes, Readings, Homeworks
Jan. 11
[slides] Introduction - the internet

Jan. 13

Jan. 18
-Internet access

Jan. 20
-Layering, OSI model
[slides] Layering
Jan. 25
The physical layer
-wired connections
[slides] The physical layer

Jan. 27
-physical layer (cont'd)

Feb. 1 -physical layer (cont'd)

Feb. 3
The data link layer
-packet framing
-error detection and correction
[slides] The data link layer

Feb. 8
-simple data link protocols
Feb. 10
Feb. 15

Feb. 17

Feb. 22
Midterm 1 - covering hardware and data link layer
Sample midterm (from 2009)
Feb. 24
Sliding window, Go-Back-N, Selective retransmission

Mar. 1
Medium Access Control
-Collision avoidance, CSMA-CA
[slides] Medium access control
Homework 1 - due April 5th
Mar. 3

Mar. 8
Spring break
Mar. 10
Spring break
Mar. 15
-wireless local area networks (WiFi)
[slides] Wireless local area networks
Mar. 17
Network layer
-connectionless / connection-based service
-link state routing, Djikstra's algorithm
-distance vector routing, the distributed Bellman-Ford algorithm
[slides] Network layer
Mar. 22
-the IP protocol
-addressing models
-network address translation

Mar. 24

Mar. 29
Midterm 2. - covering MAC and network layer
Sample midterm from Fall 2010
Mar. 31

Apr. 5
Transport layer
-introduction -UDP
[slides] Transport layer
Apr. 7
-TCP congestion control

Apr. 12
Application layer
HW2 - due April 26, 2011, by e-mail to [slides] Application layer
Apr. 14
-remote login (Telnet, SSH)

Apr. 19
-world wide web

Apr. 21
Final exam review

April 26
Final exam: April 26, 1:00 - 3:50pm