COP5611 - Advanced Operating Systems

Spring 2008

Class description: (from the UCF graduate catalog) Structure and functions of operating systems, process communication techniques, high-level concurrent programming, virtual memory systems, elementary queuing theory, security, distributed systems, case studies.
Instructor: Dr. Lotzi Bölöni
Teaching assistant: Fei Xie (
Office: ENGR 3 - 319
Phone: 407-823-2320 (on last resort)
E-mail: (preferred means of communication)
Web Site:
The assignments and the other announcements will be posted on the course web site
Classroom: Engineering I - 383
Class Hours: Monday, Wednesday 6:00 - 7:15
Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday 2:30 - 5:00
Pre-requisites: Undergraduate operating systems class (COP 4600, EEL 4881 or equivalent)
Recommended readings: Operating System Concepts by Avi Silberschatz, Peter Baer Galvin and Greg Gagne
FEEDS/Tegrity video stream: TBD
Projects: The class requires the students to prepare a major research project in one of the topics explored in the class.
Grading: Assignments: 40%
Exams: 60%
Standard 90/80/70/60 scale will be used for final grades (curved if necessary)


Lecture Notes, Readings, Homeworks
Jan. 7
-class organization
[slides] Introduction
[reading] C.A.R. Hoare, ''The Emperor's Old Clothes"
Jan. 9
-intro (cont'd)
[reading] B. W. Lampson: Hints for Computer System Design
Jan. 14
OS structures
[slides] OS structures
[reading] Dijkstra, E.W., My recollections of operating system design
Jan. 16
[slides] Processes
Jan. 21
Martin Luther King's day

Jan. 23
[slides] Threads
Jan. 28 CPU Scheduling
[slides] CPU Scheduling
[reading] Josh Aas: Understanding the Linux CPU Scheduler
Homework 1 - due Feb 20th, in class
Jan. 30
Process synchronization
[slides] Process synchronization
Feb. 4
[slides] Deadlocks
Feb. 6
Main memory
[slides] Main memory
Feb. 11

Feb. 13
Virtual memory
[slides] Virtual memory
Feb. 18
-virtual memory (cont'd)

Feb. 20

Feb. 25

Feb. 27

Mar. 3

Mar. 5
Protection (access rights)

Mar. 10
Spring break

Mar. 12
Spring break

Mar. 17
MIDTERM 2: Memory

Mar. 19
File system interface
[slides] File system interface
Mar. 24
File system implementation
[slides] File system implementation
Mar. 26
Mass storage structure
[slides] Mass storage structure
Mar. 31

Apr. 2
I/O Systems
[slides] I/O systems
Apr. 7
IO (cont'd)
[reading] R. C. Daley and J. B. Dennis: Virtual Memory, Processes and Sharing in MULTICS
[reading] L. Lamport: Time, Clocks, and the Ordering of Events in a Distributed System
[reading] G. Ricart and A. K. Agrawala: An Optimal Algorithm for Mutual Exclusion in Computer Networks
[reading] M. Rosenblum and J. K. Ousterhout: The Design and Implementation of a Log-Structured File System
Homework 2 - due April 21st, in class
Apr. 9
-Protection (cont'd)
[slides] Protection
Apr. 14
[slides] Security
Apr. 16
-Security (cont'd)

Apr. 21
-Review for the final exam

Apr. 23 4:00 - 6:50
Final exam