COP4600 - Operating Systems

Spring 2009

Class description: Operating systems structure. Process management. Process scheduling. Memory Management. Virtual memory. I/O system. Performance Evaluation.
Instructor: Dr. Lotzi Bölöni
Teaching assistant: Chen Yu ( and Salman Cheema (
Office: HEC - 319
Phone: 407-823-2320 (on last resort)
E-mail: (preferred means of communication)
Web Site:
The assignments and the other announcements will be posted on the course web site
Classroom: Classroom Building 1 - Room 0104
Class Hours: Tuesday, Thursday 4:30 - 5:45
Office Hours: Tuesday, Thursday 2:00 - 4:00
Pre-requisites: C programming, general familiarity with computer organization and operating systems (as a user)
Textbook: William Stallings: Operating Systems, 6th edition
Grading: Assignments: 30%
Midterm 1: 20%, Midterm 2: 20%, Final: 30%. Grading formula:
        HW = (HW1 + HW2 + HW3) / 3
        Overall = 0.3 * HW + 0.2 * M1 + 0.2 * M2 + 0.3 * F
HW2, M2 etc are exactly the number you got, so if you got 112, that is what you put in.
Standard 90/80/70/60 scale will be used for final grades (curved if necessary).
All the exams are open book, open notes.


Lecture Notes, Readings, Homeworks
Jan. 8
Class organization
Overview: Computer systems
[slides] Overview of computer systems
Jan. 13
Operating systems introduction
[slides] Introduction to operating systems
[slides] Specific information about Windows and Unix
Jan. 15
-operating systems introduction (cont'd)

Jan. 20
[slides] Processes
Jan. 22
-processes (cont'd)

Jan. 27
[slides] Threads
Homework 1
Submit the homework by emailing it to Salman Cheema
[reading] Fork and exec
[reading] Fork and exec example
[reading] Wait
[reading] How to tokenize a string for a shell.
Jan. 29 -symmetric multiprocessing

Feb. 3
[slides] Concurrency
Feb. 5
-concurrency (cont'd)

Feb. 10
[slides] Deadlocks
Feb. 12
-Deadlocks (cont'd)

Feb. 17
Midterm exam 1

Feb. 19
Deadlocks (cont'd)

Feb. 24
Memory management
[slides] Memory management
Homework 2 - due March 17
Programming assignment readme
Programming assignment starting files
Submit the homework by emailing the zipped file to Chen Yu

Feb. 26
-Memory management (cont'd)

Mar. 3
Virtual memory
[slides] Virtual memory
Mar. 5
-Virtual memory (cont'd)

Mar. 10
Spring break

Mar. 12
Spring break

Mar. 17
Process scheduling
Homework 2 due!!!
[slides] Process scheduling
Mar. 19
-process scheduling cont'd

Mar. 24
Midterm exam 2

Mar. 26
Multiprocessor scheduling
[slides] Multiprocessor scheduling
Mar. 31
-multiprocessor scheduling cont'd

Apr. 2

Apr. 7
IO management
[slides] I/O Management -->
Apr. 9
-I/O management (cont'd)

Apr. 14
File system management
[slides] File management
Homework 3 - due April 23
Submit the homework by emailing it to Salman Cheema

Apr. 16
-File system management (cont'd)

Apr. 21
[slides] Security

Apr. 23
-Review for the final exam
Homework 3 due!!!
April 30, 4:00 - 6:50 pm.
Final exam