What is Kraken?

Kraken is an application for managing knowledge. Did you ever had a problem managing finding a particular webpage you have downloaded long time ago? What about a given picture?

Kraken allows you to annotate your documents, webpages, files and so on with metadata. Metadata can be personal notes, opinion, ranking, bibliographical information, calendaring and so on. Kraken stores these in both in external native formats (e.g. BibTeX) and in the standard RDF format.

Based on these annotations, you can perform simple queries on your knowledgebase present the results of these queries in the form of HTML reports, with links to the original documents. What it might be even more important for some, the Kraken annotation files can be readily read by any external application which supports RDF. Thus you can perform queries and reasoning of arbitrary complexity.

Kraken is developed by Lotzi Bölöni. Many thanks to Kresimir "Sivi" Sivoncik.


Version history and download

kraken 2.1.12 - November 19, 2003 - [download]
Bugfixes, editing improvements. It is a relatively stable release, used by the author on a day to day basis. Expect mostly bugfix releases from now as the development shifted to the upcoming Java version.

kraken 2.0.4 - October 4, 2003 - [download]
Bugfixes, cleanups etc.

kraken 2.0.0 - September 22, 2003 - [download] - [changelog]
Version 2.0: full functionality in data collection, querying and representing the results of the queries in static HTML pages.

kraken 1.9.19 - September 14, 2003 - [download] - [changelog]
-this is an essentially useable application. The next (big) step will be reasoning, so until that I might hover around here, fixing bugs, improving useability, improving output. Then I'll call that 2.0 and move forward.

kraken 1.1.29 - August 29, 2003 - [download] - [changelog]
-is is a kind of pre-1.2,

kraken 1.0.14 -June 12, 2003 - [changelog]

kraken 1.0.9 - May 26, 2003 - [download]
-first public release

Required software

Download sample krakens


Generated webpage
(kraken 2.0.0 - Sept 22, 2003)

Generated webpage
(kraken 1.9.19 - Sept 15, 2003)

Generated webpage
(kraken 1.0.6 - May 22, 2003)

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