Historical programming projects

The programming projects listed here are probably irrelevant at this moment. Let them still stay here, as a memento to past efforts.


kdecompile is a script, written in Python which automates the task of frequently compiling the KDE directory tree. It also provides a nice progress indication (in the 34/100 style) instead of the continuous flow of compilation commands. It also displays the last fully compiled package. You can get it the most current version (kdecompile 0.3.9) from here. The readme file is here: kdecompile.README. You can also find kdecompile in the kde cvs in the directory

The Ghim

aka Ghost In the Machine is a test application I am using to try out the full flexibility, migration and agent surgery capabilities of the Bond agent system. In essence is a mutable personal agent, which allows you to share active information by sending parts of the agent to another users Ghim, receive and integrate parts of other Ghims into your Ghim, extending its functionality, or just cut out parts of the Ghim which is not needed anymore. And all this happens during runtime!!!

Geoplex (1997-98)

...is the AT&T project where I have worked in summer 1998.
It is defined as "The Enhanced Network Infrastructure For 21st Century Services".

Komámasszony Go

Komámasszony Go is a small Go player program which I develop in my rare empty hours. I am still nourishing the belief that a smart idea can create a Go player program which can beat a human player without resorting to exhaustive search. It is also a good opportunity for me to keep in touch with the Windows and C++ world while my current programming is done mainly in Java. So Komamasszony features OLE and database access but it almost completely lacks any Go skills, so I will not bother publishing it.