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The above Tarot card image is by Clara Cobb, a Digital Media student. It depicts me as a hierophant. According to Wikipedia, a hierophant is one who leads the people into the presence of the sacred. In Dungeons and Dragons, a hierophant is the highest rank to which a mage can aspire.

Sounds pretty good to me.

In real life, I am a retired Professor of Digital Media, in the School of Visual Arts and Design (SVAD) at the University of Central Florida, in Orlando, FL, USA From 1984 through 2000 I was an Associate Professor and Professor of Computer Science at UCF, and the CS departments still kindly hosts this website.

Abbreviated Resume (PDF)

Contact Information: (+1) 407 694 6763

E-mail: ( jm dot moshell at the domain of regmaster.com)

Career Focus. My focal interests concern the use of media for learning. I have been working since 1990 to build an academic program of research, curricula and organizations to find ways in which computers and people can help each other to become smarter and ultimately, I hope, wiser.

Academic Activities

From 1995 to 2005, I developed the Digital Media undergraduate curriculum and headed the Digital Media Division of the School of Film and Digital Media. In the fall of 2010, Digital Media has become part of the new UCF School of Visual Art and Design. Nowadays I am developing new ideas concerning the use of games for learning, and helping junior faculty members learn how to write proposals and win grants.

I have co-taught DIG 6551 - Applied Interactive Story - three times. In the fall of 2008 I apprenticed under the guidance of Jeff Wirth. In the fall of 2009, I worked with Stella Sung. In both courses, students wrote conference-style papers to present the results of their work. In the fall of 2011, the graduate students developed a mobile web application to tell the story of the 1921 Ocoee Massacre. Here are selections from among the best of those papers.

DIG 6551 Fall 2008 Wirth, Moshell Interactive Performance: The Quarantine Scenario
DIG 6551; Fall 2009 Moshell, Sung Dancing the Earth: Whole Body Interaction in Science Center Programs
DIG 6551, Fall 2011: Moshell The Ocoee Mobile Media Showcase

Professional Activities

I was the 2005-2006 President of the International Digital Media and Arts Association .

I also chaired the 2004 and 2005 iDMAa Conferences, in Orlando, Florida.

Research Interests

My principal research focus concerns how to build interactive media, shared virtual worlds and games in which students of various ages from 1 to 99 can cooperatively learn.

During the development of Digital Media at UCF, I worked with colleagues Charlie Hughes and Chris Stapleton to explore a variety of ways to use interactive games and media for learning. The Caracol Time Travel Project was a prototypical online role playing game that aimed to teach principles of scientific method, in the context of Central American archaeology.

The Media Convergence Laboratory has served as a nucleus for activities in mixed and augmented reality and realtime simulation. One project that I am currently pursuing together with Drs. Robb Lindgren and Charles Hughes and Ms. Eileen Smith, is called MEteor: Whole Body Metaphors and Informal Learning. It concerns the creation of science center exhibits in which students move around and "enact" their understanding of physical principles. In August 2011 we received NSF funding for this project.


Technical Reports

Number Authors Title
UCF-SFDM-2006.1 Moshell, J. Michael & McDaniel, Rudy Cast Member Performance Management: Research Report for Fall 2006 (pdf)
UCF-SFDM-2006.2 Wirth, Jeff; Ingraham, Ken; and Moshell, J. Michael Digital Media and Environmental Interactive Performance (pdf)
UCF-SFDM-2006.3 Moshell, J. Michael Principles and Meta-Principles for Digital Media as an Academic Discipline (pdf)
UCF-SFDM-2006.4 Gibson, Ian and Moshell, J. Michael Digital Asset Management in Academia (pdf)
UCF-SFDM-2007.1 Moshell, J. Michael; McDaniel, Rudy; and Makwana, Alpesh P. Cast Member Performance Management (pdf)
UCF-SFDM-2007.2 Moshell, J. Michael; Wei, Li; Makwana, Alpesh P. and McDaniel, Rudy Role Playing Games and Language Learning (pdf)
UCF-DM-2007.3 Moshell, J. Michael; McDaniel, Rudy; Makwana, Alpesh P. and Wei, Li

Managing Actors in Serious Games (pdf)

from Proceedings: GAMEON North America, Gainesville, FL 11-13 Sept 07

UCF-SVAD-2010.1 Wirth, Jeff; Norris, Ann; Hughes, Charles E.; Mapes, Dan; Ingraham, Ken; and Moshell, J. Michael.

Script Development and Interactive Performance for the Latina Project (pdf)

Personal Interests

I enjoy playing and doing projects with my granddaughter Emily Mann, grandson Davey Mann, granddaughter Piper Huynh, and two new Chicago grandchildren Fen and Leo Del Cuore.

We live in a pine forest. Hurricane Charlie gave us plenty to do in August of 2004. Fortunately, the damage to our house was slight. We finally finished replacing the blown-out soffits (under the eaves) in July 2005.

My hobbies are carpentry and the study of foreign languages. I have studied Spanish, Portugese, French, German, Dutch, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Malay/Indonesian. In the carpentry domain, my principal activity seems to be converting plywood into sawdust.

My wife Carole Mann and I enjoy traveling, gardening and entertaining.

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