Course Projects

During my undergraduate and graduate education, I spent a considerable amount of time for course related projects in the areas that I found interesting. Below you will see a list of projects in various areas of computer science. All of these projects consist of software implementation, experiments/testing, and technical reports.

Please click on the Technical Report buttons below the listed projects to learn more about any of them.

  Graduate Level

  • Using Trust-based Ego-centric Networks for Intrusion Detection in Cloud Computing
    (Data Intensive Computing and Cloud, Fall 2013)

    Proposed the use of ego networks with a computation model of social relationships for computing trust values and detecting malicious nodes in a hybrid cloud. Developed a Java application “SocialNode”, which runs on Hadoop cluster.
    Technical Report 

  • A Software Architecture-Based Framework for Theme Park Management System
    (Software Engineering, Fall 2013)

    Proposed a framework for the theme park management system, which is designed for crowd management and disaster response operations. The architecture includes a networked system with mobile elements and a control center.
    Technical Report 

  • A Study on SIMD Architecture
    (Advanced Computer Architecture, Spring 2013)

    Studied SIMD architecture and evaluated its effects on AES encryption algorithms and matrix multiplications. Simulation is developed using C++.
    Technical Report 

  • Processing Large Databases of Social Interactions
    (Cloud Computing, Fall 2012)

    Developed a cloud application to process social data collected from smart-phone users. Used AWS and implemented the application using Java, MySQL and AWS API.
    Technical Report 

  • Security in Wireless Sensor Networks with Mobile Sinks
    (Wireless Security & Forensics, Fall 2012)

    Conducted a literature review on research challenges and existing approaches for security of wireless sensor networks with mobile sinks.
    Technical Report 

  • Intelligent Intruder Avoidance for WSNs
    (Intelligent Systems, Spring 2012)

    Did research on the usage of neuroevolution methodologies for routing and intruder avoidance in wireless sensor networks.
    Technical Report 

  • Information Delivery in Mobile Networks
    (Network Optimization, Fall 2011)

    Conducted research on information delivery in mobile networks and implemented a mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) simulation with Java to evaluate performances of the proposed approaches for the minimum hop count problem.
    Technical Report 

  Undergraduate Level

  • 3D First-Person Shooter Game
    (Senior Design Project, Spring 2010)

    Designed and developed a first-person shooter (FPS) game for Linux with 3D graphics, using C++, Irrlicht Engine, and OpenGL.
    Project Webpage

  • Part of Speech Tagger for Turkish Language
    (Natural Language Processing, Spring 2010)

    Designed and implemented an alternative part of speech (POS) tagger for Turkish language using Python.
    Technical Report