Presentation Schedule

Note: no more than two students should sign up for the same day. Please send me your paper for approval one week before your scheduled presentation date.
  1. Mar 10: Astrid Jackson, Multi-Humanoid World Modeling in Standard Platform Robot Soccer
  2. Mar 12: Corey Pittman, A Bayesian Model for Plan Recognition in RTS Games applied to Starcraft
  3. Mar 17: Awrad Mohammed Ali, Detecting Spammers in Social Networks, Vera Kazakova, Evolving the cooperative behavior in Unreal bots.
  4. Mar 19: Tyler Stigliano, Bots Trained to Play Like a Human Are More Fun; Anthony Wehrer, Analysis of an Evolutionary RL Method in a Multiagent Domain.
  5. Mar 31: Hyanglim You, Build Order Optimization in Starcraft; Jimmy Wong, Tuning Computer Game Agents using Q-learning; Victor Parece, Reinforcement Learning for Optimized Trade Execution
  6. Apr 2: Denis Ramos (office hours), Optimization of Rules Selection for Robot Soccer Strategies; Rey Coaguilla, Evolutionary Design and Assembly Planning for Scholatic Modular Robots; Seng Lee Koh, Special Tactics: A Bayesian Approach to Tactical Decision Making; Joseph Kann, Transfer Learning through Indirect Encoding
  7. Apr 7: Joshua Haley, Using NEAT for Continuous Adaptation and Teamwork Formation in Pacman; Desmond Persaud, Enhanced RL by Recursive Updating of Q-values for Reward Propagation; Thomas Carroll, Agent-based Cooperative Decentralized Airplane-Collision Avoidance
  8. Apr 9: David Griffen, Towards Adaptive Online RTS AI with NEAT; Jeremy Ayala, Artificial pheronome for path selection by a foraging swarm of robots; Lisa Soros, Learning How to Recognize Objects through Curiosity Driven Manipulation with the iCub Humanoid Robot; Fahad Khan, Emerging Cooperation on Complex Networks
  9. Apr 14: Thomas Kehr (office hours), Development and demonstration of autonomous behaviors for urban environment exploration; Elham Havvaei, Overlapping Communities in Dynamic Networks; Younis Othman (TBD); Jose Rodriguez, WiFi Localization and Navigation for Autonomous Indoor Mobile Robots
  10. Apr 16: Gene Sher, Unshackling Evolution: Evolving Soft Robots with Multiple Materials and a Powerful Generative Encoding; Rob Mitchell, Applying RL to Small Scale Combat in the RTS Game Starcraft: Broodwar; Baoyuan Liu, Playing Atari with Deep Reinforcement Learning; Justin Pugh (office hours) Transfer Learning through Indirect Encoding