Presentation Schedule

Note: no more than two students should sign up for the same day. Please send me your paper for approval one week before your scheduled presentation date.
  1. Mar 12: Taranjeet Bhatia, Multi-level Network Analysis of Multi-agent Systems
  2. Mar 13: Michael Betancourt, Applying Reinforcement Learning for the AI in a Tank-Battle Game (on skype)
  3. Mar 14: James Schneider Computational Rationalization: The Inverse Equilibrium Problem; Christopher Wolas
  4. Mar 19: Jonathan Todd
  5. Mar 21: David Chang, Maximum Entropy Inverse Reinforcement Learning; Gurkan Solmaz, UT Austin Villa 2011: A champion agent in the RoboCup 3D soccer simulation competition
  6. Mar 26: Todd Denton; Nicholas Bowen, Constructing Competitive and Cooperative Agent Behavior Using Coevolution
  7. Mar 28: Erfan Davami, Multi-class Image Segmentation using Conditional Random Fields and Global Classification Juan Carcheri, Improving the Behavior of Intelligent Tutoring Agents with Data Mining
  8. Apr 2: Rahmatollah Beheshti
  9. Apr 4: Andreas Marpaung, Affectively intelligent and adaptive car interfaces; Adam Kavanaugh, An Automated Technique for Drafting Territories in the Board Game Risk
  10. Apr 9: Mark Wissmueller (office hours); Ryan Patrick, Pac-mAnt: Optimization based on ant colonies applied to developing an agent for Ms. Pac-Man; Justin Refi, Self-Organizing Economic Activity with Costly Information
  11. Apr 11 (office hours): James Cobb, An Architecture for Game Behavior AI: Behavior Multi-Queues
  12. Apr 11: Anthony Wertz; Miguel Becarra, Cooperative Self-Organization in a Heterogeneous Swarm
  13. Apr 16: Karl Lvoff (skype), Agent-Organized Networks for Dynamic Team Formation
  14. Apr 18: Chris Lee (skype); Stephen Hunter, Realistic Fireteam Movement in Urban Environments; Saad Arif, Morphogenetic Robotics: An Emerging New Field in Developmental Robotics