Inventory & POS Software

This is the new inventory management application I am working on. This application will take the place of the
POS Assistant/Server below. This system is a multi-store distributed inventory management application.
This new application does not have a seperate server program that runs, but does depend on a database server such
as MySQL or HSQL. It comes ready to use with the HSQL database server included.

Inventory Manager     Inventory Manager
Inventory Manager     Inventory Manager     Inventory Manager

Download Inventory Manager v1.1.24

POS Assistant

The POS Assistant is a multi-user distributed inventory and point-of-sale system. The software consists
of two applications. One is the server that runs on one machine on your network. The other is the client
that can be run on multiple machines on your network. Each client can access inventory and point of sale features
simultaneously. The system can also be run on a single machine without network connectivity. The server uses a
Microsoft Access database for data storage.

This software runs on Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista

Download POS Assistant v1.5.9CR

POS Assistant     POS Server

MS-DOS Inventory Software

The the InvPOS software is an inventory and point-of-sale
program that runs on MSDOS and Windows.

Download InvPOS v1.47 (DOS)

Zip/Unzip Software

WinZip          7-Zip

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