Florida Central Academy Pictures

Pictures below are from FCA yearbooks

Newspaper article about the new hotel
Airial view of new hotel w/airstrips
Multiple views of new Mt. Plymouth hotel
FCA main lobby circa 1963
FCA lawn view circa 1963
FCA main enterance looking from lawn
FCA main enterance looking from front
FCA dining/ball room circa 1963
View from Adair road
View from the golf course
Airial shot
Grand ballroom. Once the largest in Florida
Poolside picture with students
Auxillary dormitories
Auxillary academic building on Adair road
Watkins hall academic building
Faculty apartments
View of gymnasium from outside
View of gymnasium from inside
Outside view of the library
Inside view of the library
Color airial view
Color frontal view
Miss FCA (from brochure circa 1982)

Pictures below are after FCA closed

FCA main building from the front on Adair road
FCA main building looking from the rear courtyard
Front of Mt. Plymouth Hotel. Circa 1930's.
Airial view from an FCA recruitment brochure
FCA from the roof looking south & huge water towers
FCA kitchen & huge ball room
FCA pool & basketball courts (viewed from the roof)
The run down south wing
Front and rear view of the south wing
View from roof and after the fire south wing
East wing and completely burnt massive ballroom
Main reception area and front balcony thru chimney
The burnt remnants of the front veranda
An FCA application for enrollment
Burnt remnents of a one of the massive chimneys
Front view from circa 1984
Looking downstairs at some student lockers
The broken mirror in the huge dining room
The safe used for the student bank
From the roof
The front of the building engulfed in flames
A receipt from the FCA student store
A view down in the cellar
Another view down in the cellar
FCA power bill from June 1974

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