Swarm project summer 2021 meeting schedule

Date Research Presentation Paper Presentation Paper
June 16 Walter and Joey
June 23 Zach and Emily Joey Weidenmuller, Chen, and Meyer 2019
June 30 Dan and John C. Zach and Emily Bonabeau, Theraulaz, and Deneubourg 1998
July 7 Alex Dan and John C. Dorigo et al. 2013
July 14 Joey Alex Tavares, Azpurua, and Chaimowicz 2014
July 21 Walter John L. Dornhaus et al. 2008
July 28 Zach and Emily Walter Brutschy et al. 2011
August 4 No meeting
August 11 John L., Dan and John C. -
August 18 Alex and Joey -
Papers discussed:
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