COP 3330: Object Oriented Programming Archive

I have taught this course only three times, and to date, I haven't quite perfected it. I always struggled with the difference in level of the students in the course. Furthermore, I always found it challenging to teach inheritance in a way that students could truly see the practicality of it. I know that over the past several semesters, other teachers have increasingly incorporated GUIs into the course. I think this is an excellent move. GUIs have a very natural inheritance structure that can be taught to students. Plus, students generally have fun when they can see graphical output from their code. Probably the biggest reason I haven't taught more GUIs in the course is that I don't know how to write them myself. If I get this course again, that will be my top priority. I do feel however, that I have succeeded in getting across to students the general idea of an object-oriented mindset and how to design a class, choosing instance variables and what methods to make available in a class.