College Level Contests: non-ACM Regionals

The Chief Judge before David Van Brackle for the South East Regional was Laurie White, who is a professor at Mercer University. She realized that many teams never truly competed to win South East Regional and she wanted to create a more laid back contest from which those students could learn more. Thus, she started a contest for South East Regional teams at her home school. UCF started attending the contest in 2012, to give our young students more training. I believe many of these problems are excellent classical problems appropriate for relatively young students. In addition, I've included UCF's Local Contest in this category. It's a college level contest, but not one officiall recognized by ACM-ICPC. Finally, although UCF has an official "Try-Out" contest early in fall, many other schools don't have a coaching staff with enough time to do so. Thus, many North American schools got together to create one contest, the NAQ, so that any school could use it as a try out contest for their individual teams. As such, the scoreboard for it isn't merged, rather a different scoreboard is kept for each school.