My Solutions Page

I consider myself fairly average at solving contest problems. If I were to try out for UCF's team, I would probably make it, but be on one of the last teams. Nonetheless, I thought it would be nice to provide some of the solutions I have written for others who might want to compare their own approach to mine, or learn about how a selected solution might work. Most official contest sites have posted solutions, but these tend to be poorly commented and written in such a concise style that they are hard to understand. (The very best contest programmers write extremely succinct code that doesn't have good style, necessarily, and isn't readable by the average student.) My goal here was to write more friendly code for those who are learning. I do not have proofs that all of these solutions are correct, but they produce correct results for the posted judge data for their respective contests. Since I don't have the time limits used while judging, it may be possible that in the real contests, my solutions would have received Time Limit Exceeded. Remember, if you are a student who has to solve one of these questions for a homework assignment, please refrain from looking. This site is meant for those who want to learn, not for those who intend on cheating. Note: Data for these problems can be found on the respective official contest sites that are easily found via internet search. Enjoy and happy solving!!!