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I have been involved with programming contests for many years. As a high school student, I competed in UCF's High School Programming Contest in 1991, 1992, and 1993. I did not participate at the collegiate level, but when I started working at UCF, I started attending some practices in 2001. In 2003, I first submitted problems for UCF's Local Contest and since that time I have been a coach for the UCF team. Since that time, my involvement in contests has been as follows: (a) I've been a coach for the UCF team, (b) I make extended use of the programming contest format for my summer camp, BHCSI, (c) I help create problems and judge for UCF's High School Contest, (d) I have just started working with several female students to form a women's programming team at UCF. I did this once in the 2004-5 season per Dr. Ron Dutton's request, and (e) I occasionally compete now in open online contests, including Top Coder, Google Code Jam, Code Chef and Project Euler (not timed).

Truthfully, others have far superior resources for programming contests than I have. However, I like posting information publicly and would like to provide what I have for whoever wants to peruse it. I am in the process of slowly building this page and will attempt to include all types of resources that I've gathered in my years of experience with contests.

Below, I will include links to some of my favorite programming contest resourses as well as the materials I've used for contests. Though contests are specific, I believe they improve students' ability to problem solve, students' ability to code up ideas, and better prepare students for job interviews with top companies who are looking for good problem solvers, as opposed to employees with knowledge of a specific language.

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