Theory of Knowledge Summer 2001 Seminar

University of Central Florida




________________________________ (Student Name) has my permission to meet at the University of Central Florida Building PC-2 (Room 105) on Friday, July 20, from 9:00am-3:00pm as part of the IB Theory of Knowledge class seminar series.

All students are to meet at their various luncheon locations at 11:15 am.

Students will provide their own transportation.

Those persons driving privately owned vehicles assume full liability for all occupants.

Parking: Parking costs $3.00, so try to car pool. To get to the student lot closest to Building PC-2, follow these directions:

1. Go on University, crossing Alafaya to the first light on campus.

2. Turn right here, on to Gemini Blvd.

3. When you get to the first light at Libra Dr., take a right turn.

4. PC-2, a portable, should be located on your right side. You may park in the student parking lot to the left across from the portables. To get a parking ticket, simply go to one of the many automated machines on campus and follow the directions.

UCF Campus Map

Note:Adequate chaperones will be provided; however, parents or guardians of the above mentioned student must accept full responsibility for his/her safety and actions.

During this event, the Student Code of Conduct for Orange County Schools is in effect. Particular emphasis is placed on the prohibition of alcohol, drugs, destruction of property, insubordination, and disobedience. Violation of the code will result in a 3 - to 10 - day suspension form school.


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