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From 1999 to 2006, I taught the Theory of Knowledge(TOK) course at Winter Park High School. The course is a wonderful one that allows both the teacher and the students to explore ideas in a more creative format than other classes. Thus, there is much variation from one delivery of TOK to another. The following page is my attempt to archive some of the various activities I have created during my time teaching the course.

Current TOK teachers should feel free to browse through the archive, use anything they like for class, and send comments to me at Current students can get a flavor of the types of activities in which I had my students engage to add to their TOK class. Primarily, I had my students read selections (books chapters, articles, etc.) that I compiled into a course reader. In addition to these selections, I assigned both Sophie's World (by Jostein Gaarder) and Consilience (by E.O. Wilson) for reading. (Though I never assigned both books to the same class.) Keep in mind that this archive in no way suggest how anyone should teach their TOK class. Rather, I have simply provided it as a resource to anyone who wishes to use it.

In addition to the archive, I have also included my course web pages from each of the years I maintained one. Note that a majority of the instruction and handouts I provided for the course were given in class, so each of these pages is only an incomplete record of the course that I taught. Perhaps the most valuable links for an outsider would be the lecture notes compiled from each year. Some of the notes are my own while the notes compiled during the 2003-4 school year were taken by students in my class.

Arup's TOK Archive
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