Arup's "Philanthrophy" Page

My motivation

I taught the Theory of Knowledge course at Winter Park High School for seven years. In that time, I attempted to impress upon my class the importance of helping those who need help. Ironically, I was the one who did little in the arena of community service compared to them. This year's WPHS IB class (2006) truly impressed me with their desire to know about the world around them and their desire to one day help those less fortunate than they are. They've made me realize that I can easily do more. In their honor I've created this web page which I hope to use to let others know about various volunteer opportunities in Orlando as well as various charitable organizations to which anyone can make donations.

I am not terribly knowledgable about the many organizations in Orlando so naturally there are many, many omissions on the lists below. If you would like me to add a link to this page, please email me at I'd like to keep the number of links manageable (so someone visiting the page isn't overwhelmed), but I'd also like to have a variety of links so that people with all different types of personalities can find an organization or cause that is worthwhile to them.
A link to a site that matches your interests to an Orlando-area non-profit organization
Volunteer opportunities in Orlando
  1. Hands On Orlando
  2. Habitat for Humanity
  3. Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida
  4. Coalition For the Homeless Of Central Florida
  5. Homeless Services Network of Central Florida
  6. American Red Cross of Central Florida
  7. Guardian Ad Litem Program
  8. Boggy Creek Camp for Children with Serious Illnesses
  9. Back to Nature Wildlife

Charitable Organizations/Causes
  1. American Red Cross
  2. United Nations Foundation - Malaria
  3. Amma's Organization
  4. Central Asia Institute
  5. Partners In Health