Denise Tjon Ket Tjong

I was born in Suriname, specifically Moengo where my parents are still residing till this day. After graduating from Hubertus Waaldijk Mulo School (junior high school), I moved to Paramaribo to attend J.C. de Miranda College (senior high school). In 1987 I came to the States to continue my academic development. I received my AA at Indian River Community College and went on to get my B.S and M.S in Computer Science and my MBA at the University of Central Florida. I am currently employed as a Coordinator, Computer Applications here at UCF.


The UCF-CS experience

While studying for my Masters in Computer Science, Ben Goldfarb hired me to work for Don Harper. I've learned a lot from Don about system administration and sailing. He has won countless trophies in hobie competitions and Pak and I were fortunate to be part of his crew on occasions.

Some of my interests

My favorite pets are cats. I have a tabby named Gigi, which was given to me by Tony. She was just a tiny kitten with a very big mouth when I first got her.

I used to read a lot of comic books when I was younger and one of my favorite comics was Asterix.

In Suriname, the official language is Dutch, but I was brought up speaking Hakka and Sranang Tongo.