Journal Reading for COP 4600 Spring 2011

JP1 - The architecture of complexity by H. Simon

JP2 - Hints for computer system design by B. Lampson

JP3 - UNIX by D. Richie and K. Thompson

JP4 - The anatomy of a Web search engine by S. Brin and L. Page

JP6 - Implementation of RPCs by A. Birell

JP7 DNS complexity by P. Vixie

JP8 - Distributed object model of Java by Waldo et al.

JP9 - Cooperating sequential processes by E. Dijkstra

JP10 - Introduction to programming with threads by A. Birell

JP11 - Commodity OS on scalable multiprocessors by E. Bugnion et al.

JP12 - Virtual memory management by R. Rashid et al.

JP13 - Disk drive modelling by C. Ruemmler et al.