CNT 3004: Computer Network Concepts

Summer 2012

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Homework 3 : Manually send a spam email (Report due July 16th midnight)

    In this simple assignment, you will need to use telnet to manually send a spam (faked) email to Dr. Cliff Zou at From this experiment, you will understand why there are so many untrusted email around and how easy for attackers to send out spam or phishing email.

Please follow the in-class illustration to send this faked email. In order to make these assignment email not be treated as the other spam email, you must follow the following specifications:

1.  The sender email (shown in the "From: ...." field when you read an email) must be "fake@", you can use any domain name in the sender email address except,, or, or

2.  The email must have a subject line as "CNT3004: firstname lastname". Put your name in the subject line so that you can be credited!

3.  Put in some words in the content. Must have at least two lines.

4. Submit a brief report to WebCourse. Make sure that your report contains the screenshot image of your telnet interaction command sequence. This is important because some of your spam email will be lost in the email system, so I will grade mainly based on your report's screen shot images! 

You can type in two "rcpt to:" to include your own email address for verification. In this way, if you didn't receive your spam email, your email may have failed.

It is possible that your own computer cannot do this because of the strict security policy on eecs email server. If that is the case, you can first log in (using ssh) our department Linux machine in order to do the telnet commands (like what I showed in class). The accounts have been created for those who don't already have accounts. The usernames are their NIDs and the default password is Pyymmdd (their birth year, month and day). If existing users don't remember their password, please email for a password reset.