CNT 3004: Computer Network Concepts

Spring 2011

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Quiz 3 : Manually send a spam email (Due April 17th midnight)

    In this simple assignment, you will need to use telnet to manually send a spam (faked) email to Dr. Cliff Zou at From this experiment, you will understand why there are so many untrusted email around and how easy for attackers to send out spam or phishing email.

Please follow the in-class illustration to send this faked email. In order to make these assignment email not be treated as the other spam email, you must follow the following specifications:

1.  The sender email must be "fake@", you can use any domain name in the sender email address (do not use,, or

2.  The email must have a subject as "CNT3004: firstname lastname". Put your name in the subject line so that you can be credited!

3.  Put in some words in the content. Must be at least two lines.

You can type in two "rcpt to:" to include your own email address for verification. In this way, if you didn't receive your spam email, your email may have failed.
You must be inside UCF campus network to do this assignment. If you are outside of UCF campus, you can use VPN to connect to UCF first. For how to install and use VPN, please check: