CIS 3360:  Security in Computing  (Online Session)
(Spring 2012)

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Programming project 1: Manually send a spam email (Due date: late night Mar. 2nd, i.e., 3AM on Mar. 3rd)
(TA:  Dmytro Dondyk,            Email:

    In this simple assignment, you will need to use telnet to manually send a spam (faked) email to a special-created gmail account:  "". From this experiment, you will understand why there are so many untrusted email around and how easy for attackers to send out spam or phishing email.

Please follow the in-class illustration (lecture 13) to send this faked email. In order to make these assignment email not be treated as the other spam email, you must follow the following specifications:

1.  The sender email address must be "fake@", you can use any domain name in the sender email address EXCEPT domains belonging to UCF (i.e., do not use,,, or

2.  The email must have a subject line as "CIS3360: firstname lastname". Put your name in the subject line so that you can be credited. Otherwise I cannot tell who send this email!

3.  The email must have a "from: ..." and the "to: ...." field. These two fields are displayed when you read an email. You can put whatever text you want on these two fields.

4.  Put in some words in the content. Must be at least two lines.

You can type in two "rcpt to:" to include your own email address for verification in the second "rcpt to". Because EECS email server support relay within campus, so you can use this server to send email to any email address (of course you can only do this relay if you are inside campus network, either after setting up your campus VPN, or if you do the telnet from EECS machine).

If you have never logged in to before, then your username is your NID and the default password is: the first initial of your lastname in uppercase and the last 5 digits of your PID. Please send email to if you have trouble to log in this machine. If you have been given account on this machine before, then please use your old password.


    1.  You need to send this spam email and submit your report via webcourse before the due date/time.
    2.  submit a brief report showing your telnet interaction steps. You MUST copy the screenshot image in your report showing the interaction steps when you create this spam. A simple text showing the interaction is not good enough.

Grade will be provided via webCourse.