CAP6135: Malware and Software Vulnerability Analysis
(Spring 2010)

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Term Project Phase I:  Proposal

    We are going to let all face-to-face students to present their term project proposal on Mar. 4th. So each project group should submit one copy through webcourse their project proposal.


    Please submit your Powerpoint presentation slides of your project proposal. Online students (students in Section 0V61) must include their presentation speech text in each page of their proposal slides since they cannot give oral presentation in class.
    This submission is
due Mar. 3rd 11:59pm by webcourse.

   Your proposal presentation slides should take you talk about 5 to 7 minutes to finish. It should contain:
    1. Clearly identify what security research topic you are going to do,
    2. How you are going to conduct research on the topic,
    3. What is the final outcome you plan to achieve for your project.