CAP5415-Computer Vision (FALL 2015)

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Instructor: Prof. Ulas Bagci    

Class time: Tuesday/Thursday 3-4.15 pm
Class location: ENG1 0286
Office hours: Tuesday/Thursday 4.30-6 pm

COURSE GOALS: The course is introductory level computer vision course, suitable for graduate students. It will cover the basic topics of computer vision, and introduce some fundamental approaches for computer vision research:
PRE-REQUEST: Basic Probability/Statistics, a good working knowledge of any programming language (python, matlab, C/C++, or Java), Linear algebra, Vector calculus.

GRADING:Assignments and mini projects should include explanatory/clear comments as well as a short report describing the approach, detailed analysis, and discussion/conclusion. RECOMMENDED BOOKS (optional) PROGRAMMING
Python will be main programming environment for the assignments. Following book (Python programming samples for computer viion tasks) is freely available.
Python for Computer Vision
For mini-projects, Processing programming language can be used too (strongly encoured for android application development)

Collaboration on assignments is encouraged at the level of sharing ideas and technical conversation only. Please write your own code. Students are expected to abide by UCF Golden Rule.



Mini-Project Topics


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