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2017/September Our kidney and cortex segmentation work appears in Medical Image Analysis Journal
2017/Aug Harish's work is nominated for BCI 2017 award: Gold Standard for epilepsy/tumor surgery coupled with deep learning offers independence to a promising functional mapping modality
2017/Aug Our deep learning based retinal fluid detection and quantification paper is accepted to MICCAI-RETOUCH Challenge
2017/July MICCAI-Multimodality Whole Heart Segmentation paper is accepted for publication
2017/July Aliasghar was enlisted as one of the AHA CVRI Young investigator award finalists for his deep learning based Cardiovascular MRI analysis work.
2017/July RSNA 2017 abstract is accepted as podium presnetation: Title: Deep Learning for Cardiac MRI: Automatically Segmenting Left Atrium Expert Human Level Performance
2017/: Our new paper on benefits of low dose CT imaging is published and highlighted in the cover of journal "Tomography"
2017/: IEEE SMC 2017 Paper Accepted: Machine Learning for Identification of Language Cortex in Epilepsy Patients
2017/: CardiacNET paper is accepted to MICCAI 2017! (the best accuracy and efficiency for the left atrium segmentation)
2017/: Lung Cancer Diagnosis paper using Deep Multi-Task Learning is accepted for publication in IPMI 2017!
2017/: Brown Fat is associated with less visceral fat! New paper in Nuclear Medicine Communications!
2017/: ISMRM 2017 abstract (eye-tracking for Multiparametric MRI)!
2017/: Two Papers are accepted to IEEE ISBI 2017!
2016/: A New Paper (Fat Quantification) on IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging!
2016/: A New Paper (PET Image Segmentation) on IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics!

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