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2018/November New Paper in Journal of the Transportation Research Board, AI assisted infrastructure assessment using mixed reality systems authors: (Karaaslan, Bagci, and Catbas)
2018/October I gave a talk as a "Featured Speaker" in MICR-2018 RCAI: Radiologist-Centered AI for Lung Cancer Diagnosis
2018/October New Paper in Medical Image Analysis C-CAD: Collaborative CAD with Eye-Tracking, Sparse Attentional Model, and Deep Learning
2018/October New Paper in IEEE Trans. Medical Imaging (Deep Geodesic Learning for Anatomy Segmentation and Landmarking)!
2018/October I joined Plos One as an Academic Editor in Artificial Intelligence/Deep Learning, Radiology and Imaging Sciences, and Biomedical imaging/image analysis fields
2018/September Media Release (FoxTV Interview) - Highly Accurate Lung Cancer Detection from CT Scans !
2018/August Recent Media Releases - Highly Accurate Lung Cancer Detection from CT Scans !
2018/August New Paper in IEEE Trans. Biomedical Eng (Muscle/Fat Separation and Whole Body Segmentation from MRI)!
2018/July New Paper in MLMI/MICCAI 2018 (Automatically Design CNNs for Segmentation)!
2018/June Patent issued (Fat Quantification-Brown/White, Regional, Organ, and Whole Body)!
2018/June Cardiac Image Analysis with Deep Learning (RSNA 2018-Accepted)
2018/June Virtual Radiologists: Current Status of Deep Learning in Radiology and Its Future Trends (RSNA 2018-Accepted)
2018/June Congratulations to Sarfaraz Hussein who successfully defended his PhD thesis!
2018/May One paper to appear in MICCAI 2018 S4ND: Lung Cancer Detection in one shot! Best ever results!
2018/June Capsule Segmentation VIDEO Presentation by my PhD student Rodney LaLonde (CIFAR Travel Award)
2018/April Our new method SegCaps is out "Capsules for Object Segmentation"
2018/April New Paper in British Journal of Radiology "Deep Learning Beyond Cats and Dogs: Recent Advances in Diagnosing Breast Cancer with Deep Neural Networks"
2018/April New Paper in IEEE EMBC 2018 "Semi-Supervised Multi-Task Learning for Lung Cancer Diagnosis"
2018/March New Paper in Medical Image Analysis journal "Joint Solution for PET Image Segmentation, Denoising, and Partial Volume Correcttion" 2018
2017/December Our "Deep Learning for Radiology Applications" study received RSNA Merit Award, 2017
2017/December Our Visual Turing experiment paper "How to Fool Radiologists with GAN" was accepted for IEEE ISBI 2018
2017/December Our Deep Learning based IPMN (Pancreatic Cyst) Diagnosis paper was accepted for IEEE ISBI 2018
2017/September Our kidney and cortex segmentation work appears in Medical Image Analysis Journal
2017/August Harish's work is nominated for BCI 2017 award: Gold Standard for epilepsy/tumor surgery coupled with deep learning offers independence to a promising functional mapping modality
2017/August Our deep learning based retinal fluid detection and quantification paper is accepted to MICCAI-RETOUCH Challenge

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Short Biography

Prof. Bagci is a faculty member at the Center for Research in Computer Vision (CRCV), and the Assistant Professor in University of Central Florida (UCF). His research interests are image processing and statistical machine learning and their applications in biomedical and clinical imaging. Previously, Prof. Bagci was a staff scientist and the lab manager at the NIH's Center for Infectious Disease Imaging (CIDI) Lab, department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences (RAD&IS). At NIH, Prof. Bagci has developed and implemented educational and scientific research initiatives, and mentored postdoctoral and postbaccalaureate fellows for quantitative image analysis in clinical and pre-clinical projects at the Clinical Center. Prof. Bagci had been the leading scientist (image analyst) in biosafety/bioterrorism project initiated jointly by NIAID and IRF. He obtained his PhD degree from School of Computer Science, University of Nottingham (UK) in collaboration with Radiology department of University of Pennsylvania (with Prof. Udupa, MIPG). He has masters from Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences and certificates of mastery from statistics, public health, and clinical trials fields. Prof. Bagci is senior member of IEEE and RSNA, and member of scientific organizations such as Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI), American Statistical Association (ASA), Royal Statistical Society (RSS), AAAS, and MICCAI. Prof. Bagci has served as a program committee member for various conferences, and a ad-hoc reviewer for many prestigious journals in his fields and received best reviewer awards (most recently MICCAI 2016 Best Scientific Reviewer Award). Prof. Bagci is the recipient of many awards including NIH’s FARE award (twice), RSNA Merit Certificates (5+ times), best paper awards, poster prizes, and several highlights in journal covers, media, and news. Prof. Bagci was co-chair of Image Processing Track of SPIE Medical Imaging Conference, 2017, and technical committee member of MICCAI 2018.

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Research Interests

My research interests focus on two aspects. First, I have been developing effective and high-throughput scientific methods in the following majors: Second, I have been using these techniques to address challenging problems in computational radiology and biomedical engineering applications. My expertise include the following keywords:


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