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Announcing our June-September Theme:
The 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta!

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Olympic Articles

It's easy to join Olympic activities in MidLink Magazine...

  • Gallery of Olympians. Portfolios on Olympic Athletes, created by students! You can help us add to this site.

  • Olympic Links collected by the editors of MidLink.

  • Eyewitness Accounts of Olympic Activities You'll find heartwarming stories...and even a story about a TEACHER who carries the torch!

  • Join the Web-Olution: Discover NEW ways of learning!

  •  MidLink Goes 3-D If you want to join this 3 dimensional adventure, write to MidLink Magazine for the details.

  •  Pixel Over, Pixel Under: A Virtual Weaving Exhibition. Join this project to display your weavings in our on-line gallery. This activity will take your weaving to a new level.

  • Haikus: Join Mrs. Kang's 7th grade class as they write and illustrate their own Haikus. A Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry.

  • Social Studies Project Invitations:
  •  Multimedia Civil War Portfolios: See these HyperStudio Stacks on the American Civil War in Realtime! You can download the proper file extensions here and play them in your web browser.
  • Adventures in Time: Join Riverton Middle School, Riverton, Wyoming as they take you for an adventure in their Time Machine. YOU can join the fun.

  • Quick Index of Ongoing Projects

  • 3-D Adventures! See our First 3-D Model...It's a Web-O-Lution!
  • Adventures in Time: Go on a thrilling ride in a Western Time Machine with Wyoming students. Don't miss this adventure.
  • The BALDRIGE Sets Sail Sail the World's Oceans on the NOAA MALCOLM BALDRIGE. Read about the February teleconference with Captain Nelson. We had great time meeting our virtual friends!
  • Best Web Sites These were picked by KIDS. A great place to start.
  • Blast Off to the MOON with New Jersey Kids!
  • Book Fair: The International Book Fair created by YOU.
  • Book Link: Pictures and news about your favorite books and authors.
  • Breath of Fresh Air-- Survey Results are HERE
  • Character Counts! Read about people of Good Character...and add your OWN hero.
  • Cells, Virtual Cells!
  • Civil War Portfolios: Multimedia projects about the American Civil War
  • Cool School Home Pages These middle schools are "Movers and Shakers".
  • Creative Cuisine: Recipes Revisited
  • Currency Comparison/Conversion Project
  • Desert and Desertification
  • Design An AlienDo this for fun, or do it as a science project!
  • Electronic Elementary: The E-Link! The Electronic Magazine for Kids in the Lower Grades
  • Electronic Portfolios See the exciting results of Web research
  • Environmental Issues: A Global Project from Hawaii
  • Game Page Gaming Tips and Treats
  • Global Rivers Project River Resources Galore!
  • Global Skylines Shouldn't YOUR hometown be here??
  • Olympic Activities Read about Olympic stars...and write about *YOUR* hero
  • Pixel Over, Pixel Under A Virtual Weaving Exhibition
  • Sports Page Read about your favorite sports stars.
  • Surf the 'Net with middle schools around the world.
  • The "Write" Spot! New Poetry: Haikus from North Carolina

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