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Announcing our May/September Theme:
"Open a Window to the World!"

  • Coming next month: The 4th Annual Virtual Haunted House! Here's how your school can join the haunted fun...or visit last year's house!

  • A Perfect School is waiting for you! See what the day is like in other schools or join kids around the world by taking our survey.

  • I Have a Dream, TOO! See these dreams from students across the globe in this popular section from our February issue.

  • Take a Byte Out of the World! Click your way from continent to continent as you enjoy recipes, links, and pictures created by classrooms all over the world. You can even send us a "byte" out of your world using these easy instructions!

  • | 3-D Models | The Virtual Quilt | Exploris | Camping Page | MadLibs |

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    3-D Web-olution! Virtual models from Hawaii and Belarus. View these by downloading them or in Realtime! You can download the plug-in and play them in your web browser.

    "I Have a Dream... Too!" This Section Features stories written by kids about their dreams and hopes of the future. Don't forget to check out these great Links to pages about Famous Peacemakers.

    Our Camping Page provides a information source for those who enjoy this outdoor activity. It includes links, camping experiences, and lists of items that you should bring for different seasons.

    The Virtual Quilt: Curl up by the fire under the virtual quilt and drink a cup of hot chocolate with your cyber-friends. This project features "patches" and stories created by kids representing their countries, states, and territories.

    MadLibs! The all-time favorite of the fill in the blank, and read it out activity. Here you will find a MadLibs document created with Java by the students of MidLink.

    Exploris! A new kind of museum for YOU! When the doors open in Raleigh, North Carolina, in February, 1999, this will be the nation's first interactive global learning center. Join German classes in Raleigh, NC as they perform in an International Fair on March 23.

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