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Announcing our February/March Theme:
"I Have a Dream Too!"

  "I Have a Dream... Too!" This Section Features stories written by kids about their dreams and hopes of the future.

  • Check out these great Links to pages about Famous Peacemakers.

  • More who had dreams of Peace: Read this essay about an ancient peacemaker from Italy, Francis of Assisi. This essay was written by a student in Italy. It was edited in a virtual meeting with MidLink editors.

  • Check out MidLink Magazine's Middle School Egg Hunt Can you find the eggs??

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    Virtual Valentines! This section contains links and various creations about Valentine's Day.

    Exploris! A new kind of museum for YOU! When the doors open in Raleigh, North Carolina, in February, 1999, this will be the nation's first interactive global learning center. Join German classes in Raleigh, NC as they perform in an International Fair on March 23.

    Fractals and MORE! Interactive lessons including incredible graphics and print-outs. Tell your math or geometry teacher! Your whole class will enjoy taking an electronic field trip to this page.

    Haiku Exchange: Join students at Chikujo-Nishi High School, Fukuoka, Japan, as they exchange Haikus and greetings of the season. Don't miss our newest Haikus in the Write Spot.

    The Virtual Quilt: Curl up by the fire under the virtual quilt and drink a cup of hot chocolate with your cyber-friends. This project features "patches" and stories created by kids representing their countries, states, and territories.

    You can follow the adventures of theKa'imimoana in REAL-TIME ! Now that the NOAA Malcolm Baldridgehas been decommissioned we have said farewell to Captain Nelson and his talented crew. But....MidLink Magazine is getting involved with *another* NOAA ship! This ship is called the Ka'imimoana. Check out this page to learn about it's mission, location, or to write a letter to the captain.

    3-D Web-olution! Virtual models from Hawaii and Belarus. View these by downloading them or in Realtime! You can download the plug-in and play them in your web browser.

    This site is made specially for all of the Mac users out there in the World Wide Web. This site contains links to other Mac sites on this page and some history on the computer that changed the world.

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