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The iUX Academy serves as a bridge between the classroom, co-curricular UCF programs, and the industry. Students in the Academy work with the guidance of experienced iUX Academy faculty and fellow students. It is our goal to create a place sustained, built, and directed by the students. Students have the opportunity to improve a variety of skills, forge relationships within UCF as well as the UX community, find career opportunities, and create a portfolio to showcase their performance to employers.

The iUX Academy was created to serve three primary goals:

  1. To improve the quality of education for undergraduate students in Information Technology, and other related disciplines.
  2. To create an interdisciplinary hub for collaborations between faculty and students from the College of Engineering and Computer Science and other User-Experience related disciplines.
  3. To establish UCF within the local UX community to create research collaborations with local businesses, and find career placement opportunities for UCF students.

Students in the iUX Academy will be able to refine necessary skills including:

Interpersonal Skills
Develop the skills needed to understand the end users’ needs. Work directly with industry and faculty partners on projects.

Leadership, and time management skills
Learn the skills necessary to become an effective project manager.

Technical skills
Gain crucial understanding of software and hardware components of a product or service, with hands on experience.

Human-Computer Interaction Skills
Learn UX methodologies and apply them toward the process of User-Centered design and evaluation.

Collaboration and Teamwork Skills 
Work alongside students and staff from a variety of fields, gaining new skills, and earning hands on experience in a collaborative environment.

Design Skills 
Learn the skills needed to develop intuitive user-interface designs.

Other Benefits:

  • Develop professional and interpersonal communication skills
  • Build a variety of HCI and UX related skills
  • Forge relationships with UCF staff and within the UX community
  • Build a high quality portfolio and a strong resume
  • Find career opportunities

What Our Students Have to Say: