Microsoft DreamSpark
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Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
University of Central Florida

The purpose of the Microsoft DreamSpark Support site is to provide students with instant answers to frequently asked questions. Due to the large number of students enrolled in the Department of EECS, we are unable to provide personalized support to each student. However, we will make every effort to accommodate students enrolled in courses that require the software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why didn't I receive a DreamSpark user account?
User accounts are created for all eligible students in the Department of EECS at the beginning of each semester. Specifically, students with a declared major in Computer Science, Information Technology, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, or Digital Forensics will receive an account if they are enrolled in at least one course requiring software that is available through our DreamSpark subscription. If your major is not declared as one of the above at the beginning of the semester, you will not receive an account. If you are not eligible for software available for UCF's DreamSpark subscription but would like to download selected Microsoft software packages free-of-charge for qualified academic purposes, navigate to Microsoft DreamSpark (Microsoft's General DreamSpark Site).

Q:  I used to have an account, but no longer can log in. What happened?
This can be for a variety of reasons. To be eligible to log into the DreamSpark system, you must be registered for an eligible class in the programs mentioned above. Also, access to DreamSpark for many students has changed with the introduction of Knight's e-mail. Effective Fall 2009, all official University correspondence, including DreamSpark login information, is sent to Knight's e-mail. If you previously had an account registered under a non-Knight's e-mail address, that account is no longer valid. You should check your Knight's e-mail for access instructions. Please note that all DreamSpark accounts are disabled between semesters, and will not be manually reactivated between semesters for any reason. Eligible accounts are reactivated after the add/drop period of the following semester.

Q:  I think I deleted the e-mail with my DreamSpark login information .  What can I do?
If you are an eligible student and you have a DreamSpark account, you can navigate here and use the Forgot Password utility to have your password e-mailed to you. Your username for the system should be your Knight's e-mail address. If you are not an eligible user, your username will not be recognized by the system.

Q:  I apparently am not an eligible user of the DreamSpark community, but am taking at least one EECS class and would like access. How can I obtain this?
If an account was not created for you automatically at the beginning of the semester or you are able to log in but unable to download software, the only way to obtain a working account is if you are enrolled in a class requiring the software. Your professor should e-mail Steven Freund ( with the course number, course name, list of software requirements, and justification as to why the software is required in the course. Microsoft requires us to be able to produce this documentation in case of an audit of our software usage. No exceptions will be made.

Q:  I lost a copy of my downloaded operating system / program, and need to download it again. What should I do?
Once you download software from DreamSpark, it is your responsibility to safeguard it from loss. We will not issue additional downloads to students who lose their original installation media. If your downloaded file is corrupt, you will need to contact Microsoft directly.

Q:  How can I determine whether software is required in a class I am taking?
This includes software that is critical for the completion of your assignments and other course activities in an EECS course. For example, a programming course with assignments to be completed in Visual Studio would require the Visual Studio software. An argument that you need the latest version of Windows on your computer to complete an assignment is not sufficient documentation for Microsoft. Microsoft Office is not free under this agreement, but discounted Office 365 software is available through your Dreamspark account.

Q:  How can I obtain additional product keys for a program/operating system so that I can install it on multiple computers?
Although the DreamSpark website states to contact the Program Administrator for additional product keys, we do not distribute them because no EECS course requires multiple installations of the same program or operating system on multiple computers. We do not assign additional product keys just so that you can install the same software on two different computers; before you install, make sure you are installing it on the computer you wish to use. With the large number of students, we do not have the resources to provide this additional service to students.

Q:  My computer crashed / I reformatted my computer / etc., and I lost my software. I have the original installation media, but am unable to complete the activation process. What should I do?
Contact Microsoft and explain your problem. Someone will be able to allow you to reuse your product key to reinstall the software. Please note that if you still have the software intact on another computer, activation of the new software installation will interfere with the other installation.

Q:  I lost my product key. Can you help me retrieve it?
Students are responsible for recording all product keys they receive. We cannot assist students with retrieving old product keys. Please be sure to properly back up your software and product key information right away.

Q:  There is a problem with my download (doesn't work, corrupt, etc.). What should I do?
Because UCF does not administer the server hosting the DreamSpark software, we cannot control the files that are available for you to download. Please contact Kivuto or Microsoft directly.

Q: When will (insert name of operating system or program here) become available on DreamSpark?
We seldom receive information about when a specific piece of software will become available on DreamSpark, or if it will become available on DreamSpark. You can search Microsoft's website for this type of information, but the Department of EECS is not provided with information other than what is made available publicly.

Q:  What if I have additional questions?
If you have additional questions not addressed on this webpage, you can e-mail them to