Sheau-Dong Lang



Associate Professor, School of EE & CS; and

Program Coordinator, Graduate Certificate in Computer Forensics

203 CSB

University of Central Florida

Orlando, FL 32816

(407) 823-2474,


B.S. Mathematics, National Taiwan University (1971)

Ph.D. Mathematics, The Pennsylvania State University (1979)

M.S. Computer Science, The Pennsylvania State University (1981)



Recent Courses Taught:

(Spring 2003) Design & Analysis of Algorithms; Computer Forensics II

(Fall 2002) Introduction to Discrete Structures; Topics in Computer Science

(Spring 2002) Computer Forensics II: Network Forensics

(Fall 2001) Discrete Computation Structures; Object-Oriented Programming

(Spring 2001) Computer Science III; Database Concepts


Research Interests:

Network security and network forensics; modeling and simulation; information retrieval and data mining; algorithm design and analysis


Current Projects:

Adaptive learning in SAF simulation systems (sponsored by STRICOM); Network intrusion detection and simulation (sponsored by NCFS)


Selected Recent Publications (see list)

Selected Ph.D. and Recent Masterís Students:


Mian Zhou (2000 Ė); Darren Law (employed at SAIC)

L.-J. Mao (graduated 1998, employed at Fortune Institute of Technology, Taiwan)

Inien Syu and W.-K. Lee (graduated 1996)

Jennifer Burg (graduated 1992, employed at Wake Forest University, USA)

(Masterís, current and recently graduated)

Hong Ji (expected to graduate in 2003)

Shabana Razak (graduated 2002, employed at Florida Hospital); Phuong Bui (graduated 2002, employed at SAIC); Kai-Lin Hu (graduated 2002, self-employed)

Jackie Z. Zhang (graduated 2001, employed at SAIC)

Ying Wong (graduated 1999, employed at Microsoft, Dallas); W.-L. Hsu (graduated 1999, self-employed)