Test 1 Review

(Exam Date:  Wednesday, 21 Feb 2001)


  • 50 minute exam
  • Closed book / closed notes
  • No cheating / no make-up exam
  • Responsible for:

  • material in chapters 1 - 3 of Jia text
  • overheads
  • concepts discussed in class
  • OO concepts from first two programming assignments
  • Topics:

    Object Oriented vs. Process Oriented, vocabulary

  • maintainability factors
  • abstraction, model, methodology
  • software phases
  • Java and Java Virtual Machine

  • Java features (object-oriented, distributed, platform independent)
  • Java Byte-code
  • Java Virtual Machine concept versus compilation of C code (portability)
  • Object Oriented thinking

  • object vs. process
  • objects: states, services, features
  • classes: structure (a way to organize your thoughts)
  • class graphical notation (UML):  how to represent classes (rectangles) at different levels of detail (what you can write inside the rectangles), relationships between classes, especially inheritance and implementation (solid/dashed lines, triangles)
  • Object Oriented Paradigms

  • Encapsulation
  • Polymorphism , Dynamic Binding
  • Inheritance (notion of classes that extend within a hierarchy)
  • Interfaces (anywhere in hierarchy from which classes may implement)
  • Hierarchies, Is-a and Has-a relationships
  • Java Language