Teaching Assistant Information

Name Email
Adam Boutersa.bouters@knights.ucf.edu
Jake Caldwellcaldwell@knights.ucf.edu
Lilly Cockrumlilly.cockrum@knights.ucf.edu
Amanda Daledaleaucf@knights.ucf.edu
Michael Leberd3xt3r@knights.ucf.edu
Gabriela Llavegllave@knights.ucf.edu
Tiffany Loontiffloon@knights.ucf.edu
Jacob Millsapsjmillsaps@knights.ucf.edu
Cindy Molinecindym@knights.ucf.edu
Troy Reynoldstroytreynolds@knights.ucf.edu
Jordan SantaCruzjordan.santacruz@knights.ucf.edu
Amy Simssimsamy@knights.ucf.edu
Lauren Spychalskyspychalskylauren@knights.ucf.edu

Note: All TAs are assigned to help any student in the class, regardless of what section they are in. On WebCourses, for each graded assignment, TAs will leave feedback with their initials so that you can identify who graded your assignment. If you have a question about the grade you received on an assignment you should FIRST contact the TA who graded it. If you are still unclear about your grade at that point, then contact your instructor. All emails concerning class issues (taking exams early, being allowed to turn in an assignment late, etc.) should be directed at your instructor and NOT the TAs. The TAs are not allowed to make these types of decisions.