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Electrical Engineering & Computer Science - University of Central Florida

Welcome to the Cadence page for the Department of Electrical Engineering and the Department of Computer Science at UCF. The products from Cadence provide the students with practical experience of high-level electrical engineering design and simulation. The program is used in both the classroom and to aid in University research projects.

Cadence products are used in the following UCF Research projects:

  • Senior Design PCB
  • Circuit simulation of electrostatic discharge (ESD) devices and circuits
  • Probabilistic Spin Logic for Low-Energy Boolean and Non-Boolean Computing
  • Energy-Aware Acquisition of Spectrally Sparse Signals Leveraging Spin-based Devices
  • Layout drawing for fabrication of test devices
  • CMOS design for high-throughput biosensors
  • Non-Volatile In-Memory Processing Unit: Memory, In-Memory Logic and Deep Neural Network

Cadence products are used in the following classes:

  • EEL 4768: Advanced Computer Architecture 1
  • EEL 6227: High Level Synthesis of VLSI Circuit
  • EEL 6354: Advanced Semiconductor Device
  • EEE 5378: CMOS IC Design


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